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Pet Health Certificates

Health Certificates

Travel with Your Dog Get Certified

USDA Pet Health Certificates for Travel

If you’re planning a trip out of Richmond to another state or internationally with your dog or cat, your pet may require a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection, also known as a Health Certificate. Having the proper and complete paperwork ensures smooth, carefree travelling for you and your pet. Capital Home Veterinary Care has USDA-certified veterinarians for providing health certificates, which is a federal document that establishes your pet’s health has met certain criteria to allow you to travel interstate or abroad.

Health certificates for pets have two general types: international for worldwide travel and domestic for national travel within the United States (typically by air). Both have strict rules that veterinarians must abide by. Our veterinarians are trained and USDA certified to provide both types of certificates, so you can globe-trot with your furry companion in tow.

International Health Certificates

International Health Certificates are very thorough and vary from country to country, as well as they can take several months to complete. As soon as you are aware of your travel details get in touch with us, so we can assist you with the companion animal travel process.

The International Health Certificate should be issued by one of our USDA certified veterinarians no more than 21 days before travel, as near to the travel date as possible. We will help you establish your destination country’s requirements for testing, vaccinations, and/or treatments. Please have the following readily available, as the certificate will require the following:

  • Pet’s Name
  • Breed
  • Color
  • Pet’s age
  • Origin country
  • Destination country
  • Whether your pet will be traveling alone, as cargo, or with a person in the plane’s cabin
  • Name, address, & phone number of pet’s owner
  • Verification of good health and free of parasites
  • Vaccinations given, including type, manufacturer, and batch number

As requirements and time frames vary between countries, it’s important to start the process early so we can accommodate the necessary international travel needs for your pet to accompany you.

Here are some additional resources regarding International Certificates of Veterinary Inspection:

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United States Department of Agriculture: National Veterinary Accreditation Program

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American Veterinary Medical Association: Animal Travel & Transport

Cat Health Certificate

Domestic Health Certificates

When travelling to another state, many states require an up-to-date Certificate of Veterinary Inspection from a licensed, accredited veterinarian. The health certificate will require a physical examination for the certificate to be issued, to determine your pet isn’t showing any signs of disease. Domestic health certificates are required to be written the same day as the exam and are not able to be back-dated. If you’re travelling by air, we recommend contacting the airline you are flying with so we can make sure we’re meeting their specific requirements, as requirements vary between airline companies.

Travel requirements vary from state-to-state, but as a general rule of thumb, most other states require current rabies vaccination and either testing negative for heartworm or currently on a heartworm preventative.

Click below for additional information regarding Domestic Certificates of Veterinary Inspection:
United States Department of Agriculture: Travel with your pet state to state

Convenient Pet Health Certificates at Home

Convenient Pet Certificate at Home

Whether you’re planning to travel to the state next door or overseas, our mobile veterinarian can provide you with a Health Certificate from the comfort of your home. To learn more about Certificates of Veterinary Inspection or to book an appointment, contact us today.