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Senior Pet Care Richmond

Geriatric Care

Senior Pet Care in Richmond

Senior Pet Care in Richmond

It’s no secret that our furry friends live shorter lives than we do, and dogs and cats also progress through the life stages more quickly than humans. As a result, both dogs and cats are considered to be geriatric after they reach the ripe old age of about seven years. Once your pet is seven years or older, he or she should receive specialized senior pet care, or wellness care specially designed to address an aging cat or dog’s unique health needs. Senior pet care or geriatric veterinary care provides guidance for owners of aging pets and focuses on maintaining a high quality of life for pets during their golden years.

Common Signs of Age-Related Health Problems

  • Decreased activity or loss of mobility
  • Appetite or behavioral changes
  • Reduced muscle mass and/or weight loss
  • Poor hearing and cloudy eyes
  • Growths
Senior Pet Care Richmond Veterinary

What to Expect During a Senior Pet's Appointment

During a geriatric veterinary appointment, we focus on four primary strategies for maintaining your pet’s health:

  • Screening for Age-Related Conditions – Lab tests and physical examinations look for signs of diabetes, metabolic problems, heart disease, infections, tumors and proper organ function.
  • Promoting Wellness with Nutritional Counseling and Supplements – Many age-related conditions can be effectively managed with dietary adjustments and nutritional supplements.
  • Managing Pain – Using medications and a variety of therapies, we work with you to manage your pet’s pain and the underlying conditions which cause pain.
  • Preserving Mobility – With a variety of treatments and therapies, we can help preserve your pet’s mobility and ability to stay active as he or she ages.

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Meet Our Team of Vets

To maintain health and detect medical conditions early, we recommend older pets have at least one or two wellness appointments annually. Our mobile senior pet care services provide older pets with a variety of treatment options and therapies specially designed to keep pets comfortable and happy during the golden years of their lives. Plus, our Richmond veterinary practice brings everything your older pet needs right to your doorstep.