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Mon - Fri 7:30am - 4pm | Sat & Sun Closed

Richmond Pet Vaccination


Pet Vaccination Richmond

Mobile Dog and Cat Vaccinations in Richmond

An essential component to any pet’s wellness and preventative veterinary care are vaccinations. Vaccinations are scientifically proven to protect pets from contracting highly contagious, life-threatening diseases from other pets or from wild animals and parasites.

Pet vaccinations work the same way as human vaccinations. Vaccines contain partial or inactive viruses. When administered, the dog or cat’s immune system produces antigens to kill the virus. If exposed in the future, their immune systems immediately recognize and eliminate the virus.

How Safe Are Pet Vaccinations?

Like any medical procedure or medicine, vaccinations do have some risks. These risks and reactions, however, are rare and usually mild. As a result, most veterinarians agree that the health benefits and disease prevention gained through vaccination far outweigh any risks associated with them.

Determining Which Vaccinations Your Pet Needs

At Capital Home Veterinary Care, we never over-vaccinate pets. Our veterinarians tailor vaccination protocols to each pet’s individual needs. Local governments require the administration of certain vaccinations by law (rabies). The administration of other vaccines, however, is left up to the decision of pet owners and veterinarians.

The vaccinations we recommend for your pet will depend greatly on your pet’s lifestyle, travel habits and the number of other pets or wildlife he or she might encounter. We recommend certain vaccinations for all pets (both indoor and outdoor) due to high mortality rates of particular diseases and to ensure pets are protected from contagious diseases should they ever need to be hospitalized, boarded or groomed.

In House Pet Vaccination Richmond

Determining Your Pet's In-Home Vaccination Schedule

Vaccinations schedules will vary depending on your cat or dog’s age and the types of vaccines administered. Typically, puppies and kittens will require vaccinations and booster shots once a month until up to about four months of age. After this time, they will be vaccinated during their one-year checkup and then given vaccine booster shots annually thereafter.

For certain senior pets or pets with additional health concerns, our veterinarian might recommend curtailing a vaccination schedule in order not to overwhelm a weak pet’s immune system.

Make Vaccinations a Part of Your Pet's Wellness Care

Meet Our Team of Vets

An essential part of your pet’s wellness and longevity, vaccinations safeguard both dogs and cats from a long list of dangerous diseases. With Capital Home Veterinary Care, protecting your pet from contagious disease is simple; our veterinarians come to you. We bring our fully equipped mobile veterinary clinic with us to every pet’s wellness appointment. With mobile pet vaccinations, keeping your pet safe and healthy has never been more convenient.