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X-Ray and Ultrasounds for Pets

X-ray & Ultrasound

X-Rays for Pets in Richmond

Veterinary Diagnostics with X-Ray and Mobile Ultrasound

Several different underlying problems can cause similar symptoms. Before providing treatment to a sick pet, it is necessary to determine exactly what is causing your pet’s illness. Whether your pet is limping, vomiting, or has experienced a loss of appetite, further tests are usually required to reach a diagnosis to determine the underlying cause of your pet’s discomfort. Sometimes it is necessary to look inside a cat or dog to reach a definitive diagnosis of the pet’s symptoms. As a primary part of our mobile diagnostic services, Capital Home Veterinary Care provides on-site ultrasound and radiography (x-ray imaging) through an affiliate provider.

What Are Ultrasound and X-Ray Imaging?

Ultrasound and x-ray imaging are important diagnostic tools used in all kinds of medicine, including veterinary medicine. These non-invasive, painless procedures allow veterinarians to view your pet’s internal organs and other structures in order to achieve a diagnosis without the need for exploratory surgery.

Ultrasound (Sonography)

Ultrasound uses sound waves to create real-time digital images of the tissues and structures inside the body. Ultrasound allows a veterinarian to see your pet’s internal organs and systems, as they function. Using ultrasound, veterinarians can detect foreign objects which your pet might have ingested, growths such as tumors, and also observe the actual function of organs and the circulatory system.

X-Ray Imaging (Radiography)

X-ray imaging uses x-rays, a form of radiation, to capture a still internal photograph. X-rays can detect growths, signs of inflammation and arthritis, broken and fractured bones, and intestinal blockages, such as ingested foreign objects.

Ultrasound for Cats in Richmond

What to Expect During Your Pet's Ultrasound or X-Ray Appointment

X-rays and ultrasounds are quick and painless diagnostic procedures. For this reason, most pets do not require anesthesia or sedation during diagnostic imaging.

Mobile Veterinary Diagnostics with Capital Home Veterinary Care

Capital Home Veterinary Care’s mobile clinic provides ultrasound diagnostic imaging and a number of laboratory tests for accurate, fast and comfortable diagnosis at your doorstep.

While ultrasound can achieve many of the same results as x-rays, if x-rays are desired or required to reach an accurate diagnosis, we will schedule a radiography appointment for your pet at our affiliate veterinary hospital.

For more information about our diagnostic imaging services or to schedule a wellness or sick pet house-call appointment for your cat or dog, contact Capital Home Veterinary Care in Richmond today.