It’s National Pet Insurance Month – Is Your Pet Covered?


It's National Pet Insurance Month – Is Your Pet Covered?

September is National Pet Insurance Month. The month-long observation exists in order to provide an opportunity for pet owners to learn more about pet insurance because many pet owners aren’t even aware that there are insurance options for their pets.

Out of the estimated 179 million pets living in the United States, only 1.5 million have pet insurance. If your pet falls into the uninsured category, we encourage you to read through this article to learn more about pet insurance and talk with one of our office representatives if you’re interested in learning more about insurance for pets.

What Is Pet Insurance?

Pet health insurance is similar to health insurance for humans. Pet insurance provides pet owners with financial coverage to protect them from incurring expensive veterinary costs throughout their pets’ lives. With pet health insurance, pet owners are better able to prioritize making the decisions that are best for their pets, rather than having to base decisions about their pet’s medical care on costs.

What to Consider When Choosing Pet Health Insurance

When shopping for insurance coverage for your pet, there will be several factors to consider.

  • All insurance providers are not made equal. Choose a good pet insurance provider with a positive reputation.
  • Consider your own financial resources in addition to your ability to save for your pet’s expected and unexpected veterinary costs.
  • Ask about coverage limits and deductibles to determine how much expense and the type of expenses that are actually covered by insurance providers.
  • Consider the type of coverage you want: base coverage, wellness and preventative care coverage, and/or accident and illness coverage.

Find Out If Your Pet's Care Is Covered at Capital Home Veterinary Care

Capital Home Veterinary Care is a full-service mobile veterinary clinic offering comprehensive care to pets in the Richmond, Virginia area. We want all pets to have access to the high-quality veterinary care and treatments they need – regardless of cost – and that’s why we strongly encourage our clients to enroll their pets in a pet health insurance plan. With the right pet health insurance plan, you can rest easy knowing that your pet’s care will be covered without putting a serious financial strain on you and your family.

To learn more about pet health insurance or for a list of the pet health insurance providers we recommend, we welcome you to contact Capital Home Veterinary Care today.