In-Home Pet Euthanasia

Capital Home Veterinary Care is dedicated to providing peaceful cat and dog euthanasia in the privacy and stress-free environment of your home.
Euthanasia is both a blessing and a burden. For most people, it is one of the most difficult decisions they will make for their pets. If the quality of your pet’s life has diminished so that you are experiencing more bad days than good, then it may be time to consider easing your pet’s suffering. If you need some help making this decision use this Quality of Life Scale to help assess your pet’s condition.
We have earned a reputation for professional and personal attention and a gentle yet experienced touch, which is crucial at such a difficult time for pet owners and their beloved pets.

About The Procedure

A euthanasia house call starts like any other appointment. We will gather some information and a brief history of your pet’s condition over the phone or by email. Upon arrival, we will require consent paperwork to be signed.
The actual euthanasia procedure can be performed wherever you or your pet is most comfortable. Initially, an anesthetic injection is administered. This is done to prevent pain or anxiety and to ease your pet’s transition. Once they are very relaxed, an intravenous injection of a barbiturate euthanasia solution is administered that will provide a painless passing.

What It Costs

The total cost of in-home pet euthanasia is $240 to most areas in and around Richmond. This price includes the housecall fee, the pre-euthanasia sedative and the euthanasia procedure.

The cremation cost is additional and prices are listed on the Aftercare page.


We will try to accommodate pet owners that do not reside in our practice area for an extra travel fee.


After The Procedure

We help with the aftercare. We take your pet’s body once everyone has said their goodbyes. Aftercare is available in the form of private cremation or communal cremation. Please note that there is an extra handling fee for pets over 95 lbs.

After the Procedure

Private Cremation

Your pet will be privately cremated and returned in a custom-engraved cedar wood urn.

Communal Cremation

Your pet is cremated with other pets; cremains not returned.

Please Note: Our Doctors at Capital Home Veterinary Care perform euthanasia only on pets who have an unmanageable disease or those with little quality of life remaining. We reserve the right to refuse euthanasia if we feel it is being chosen as a convenient option. We will not euthanize a patient with a manageable or treatable disease. If we determine that it is not time to euthanize your pet, a house call fee and quality of life examination charge will be assessed.

Schedule an Appointment

Use this form to request an appointment with us. We do our best to accommodate your first choice of appointment date. Please provide an additional date that will work with your schedule. If your pet is not a current patient of Capital Home Veterinary Care, please have their records emailed to