Celebrate National Cat Day With These 5 Halloween Safety Tips for Cats


Celebrate National Cat Day With These 5 Halloween Safety Tips for Cats

National Cat Day, a day for celebrating everything feline, falls on October 29th – just before Halloween. So, we figure the best way to celebrate the kitties in your life is to make sure they stay safe through Halloween weekend and the holiday itself.

5 Pet Safety Tips for Cats This Halloween

1. Keep Your Cat Safe Inside

Halloween is rife with pranksters and scarily-dressed trick-or-treaters coming and going from your home. If you’re planning to entertain on the holiday, your house could be even more chaotic. It’s safest to keep your cats inside your house and secure in a quiet, closed room for the duration of the evening. This prevents them from becoming frightened and running away or sneaking out the door when you’re greeting the local children with treats.

2. Celebrate With Cat-Safe Decorations

Halloween decorations can be dangerous for curious cats who like to chew wires or taste unknown substances. Make sure you use products that are not toxic to cats (i.e. stay away from fake blood and glow sticks) and keep all electrical cords safely out of your cat’s reach.

3. Protect Your Cat From Toxic Treats

Sweet Halloween treats are not good for cats. In fact, many ingredients – like chocolate and xylitol – are poisonous. Be sure to store them safely away from your pets.

4. Dress Up Safely

Most cats do not like wearing costumes, and it’s best to let them be comfortable. If you do dress up your pet, supervise them the entire time they wear their costume. Costumes can pose choking threats, suffocation hazards, and other safety issues. Do not leave your pet unattended while wearing a costume or other clothing.

5. Make Sure Your Cat Is Identifiable

Pets commonly go missing on Halloween, so even if you have your cat safely inside, be sure they have easy and secure identification just in case. We recommend a collar with readable ID tags and a pet microchip.


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