Know When Your Pet Is in Pain

Cats, Dogs, Pain Management, Pet Pain
Sep 28, 2020

September is Pet Pain Awareness Month, and we recognize the occasion by teaching pet parents the signs of pet pain and improving pet pain management.

What to Do With Your Overweight Cat

What to Do About Your Overweight Indoor Cat

Cats, Nutritional Counseling, Overweight Cat
May 21, 2020

Social media feeds might be full of pictures and videos of “chonky” cats, but unfortunately, the health risks that these overweight and obese animals are facing aren’t so cute. To safeguard your pet’s health, it is important to manage weight or take steps that will help your overweight indoor cat shed pounds.

Understanding Feline Urinary Disease

Litter Box Troubles? Understanding Feline Urinary Disease

Cats, Common Pet Health Concerns, Urinary Disease
Apr 17, 2020

When a cat has trouble using the litter box, it’s not only frustrating for humans, but also for the cat. Whether urinating outside the litter box or struggling to go at all, incontinence in cats is almost always a sign of a health concern and should be addressed right away.

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) in Cats

What Is Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) in Cats?

Cats, Common Pet Health Concerns, Kidney Disease
Oct 22, 2019

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) in cats (also called chronic renal disease and kidney failure) is a progressive condition, with which a cat’s kidneys gradually stop working properly. CKD is a fatal condition. Untreated, it will progress quickly. With proper management, cats with CKD can live long lives.