In-Home Pet Euthanasia

Capital Home Veterinary Care is dedicated to providing peaceful and pain-free cat and dog euthanasia in the privacy of your home.

Euthanasia is both a blessing and a burden. For most people, it is one of the most difficult decisions they will face for their pets. If the quality of your pet's life has diminished so that you are experiencing more bad days than good, then it may be time to consider easing your pet's suffering. If you need some help making this decision use this Quality of Life Scale to help assess your pet's condition.

We have earned a reputation for professional and personal attention, and a gentle yet experienced touch, which is crucial at such a difficult time for pet owners and their beloved pets.

About The Procedure

The euthanasia housecall begins with basic paperwork. The actual euthanasia procedure can be performed wherever you and your pet are most comfortable. Initially, a sedation injection is administered. This is done to prevent pain and ease your pet's transition. Once they are sedated, an intravenous injection of a barbiturate euthanasia solution is administered that will provide a painless passing.

After The Procedure

You may bury your pet or we can take your pet's body once everyone has said their goodbyes. Aftercare is available in the form of private or public cremation. Private cremation provides ashes in an urn that is returned to you by our preferred crematory, Sweet Dreams. The ashes are guaranteed to be from your pet alone and are returned within two weeks. Note that other urn options are available through Sweet Dreams web site at an extra cost. Public cremation means that your pet is cremated with others and their ashes are not returned to you.

There are many resources available for pet loss help and grief counseling on the Pet Loss web site. If you have other pets at home and are concerned about their grief, please view our PDF on pet grief.

What It Costs

The in-home euthanasia fee is $125.00. This includes the pre-euthanasia sedative and the euthanasia procedure. The housecall visit is $65.00 to most areas. The aftercare cremation costs are additional and dependent on patient weight. The public cremation price is less expensive than the private cremation option. Please call 804-432-2534 or for more information.

We will try to accommodate pet owners that do not reside in our practice area for an extra travel fee.

Please Note: CHVC performs euthanasia only on pets who have an unmanageable disease or those with little quality of life remaining. We reserve the right to refuse euthanasia if we feel it is being chosen as a convenience option. We will not euthanize a patient with a manageable or treatable disease. If we determine that it is not time to euthanize your pet, a house call fee and quality of life examination charge will be assessed.


"Dr. Dexter and April, I wanted to sincerely thank you for your help and your compassion on Monday when Clover passed away. It was my first experience with being able to have that happen at home. I and my furry family are truly blessed to have had two such wonderful people guide us through the process. While I know it was comforting for Clover to be listening to my heartbeat and feeling my arms around him when he passed, it was comforting to me to be able to hold him close in my arms and have him laying on my chest. He was comforting me as much as I was comforting him."

Frank and Kelly
Chesterfield, VA

"Our family would like to sincerely thank you both for coming to our home and making Kirby's passing as peaceful as possible. This experience, although very difficult for our family, was a better experience than we could have imagined. We were able to spend the entire morning with Kirby, saying our goodbyes and did not have to put him through a move to a foreign place where he would have been confused and uncomfortable."

Frank and Kelly
Glen Allen, VA

"I wanted to personally thank you again for helping my small family yesterday. It is unfortunate that we met under those particular circumstances, but it brings great comfort knowing that Jasper had such a caring and gentle doctor and assistant to help him transition into the afterlife. These situations must be dealt with in the utmost professional and sensitive manner and you and April certainly showed Jasper the respect, dignity and kindness that he deserved. I want to thank you for your services that allowed us to keep him in his favorite bed by the fireplace in a peaceful place and state of mind during his passing."

Emma and Claude P.
Richmond, VA

"Thank you for including the at home euthanasia service in your practice. We were able to spend a final peaceful day with our sweet Ollie, beneath his favorite shade tree. Dr. Erin and April provided just the right amount of empathy and compassion and it was much appreciated."

Richmond, VA

"Thank you so much for your compassion and helping me and my husband through such a hard thing. You were patient, and caring, and I felt very lucky to have you there. Thanks again."

Powhatan, VA

"We want to send our heartfelt thanks for your caring and compassion yesterday as our little Elliott made his way to The Rainbow Bridge. Erin and Kendall - you are a wonderful team, and I cannot express what it meant to us that you were able to get here so quickly. The feelings you show to both humans and pets is amazing. April - this is the first time I've spoken with you... and you are a wonderful addition to the team. Thanks to you also for your genuine compassion when we spoke on the phone.

Although both our boys are now gone, I look forward to the day when we have some new boys to raise, and we will see you all again then.

Thank you again. We appreciate you all more than you can know."

Ellie and Lynn
North Chesterfield, VA

"We just wanted to take a moment to let you know how grateful we are for you. It takes a great deal of strength and heart to not only help families make and keep their pets healthy, but to also help us guide our pets safely to rest. Because of you guys we were able to allow Sydney to find peace in the comfort and security of her home, wrapped in the snuggie she commandeered from me many years ago. Your hearts clearly shine through in your eyes, tone, and demeanors without an ounce of professionalism sacrificed. You helped us understand what had happened and was happening to her body, and walked us through her journey to peace in a way that we clearly understood. Then to give us the gift of a keepsake, how unexpected and kind, and a helpful tool with our son, who helped us decorate it before we baked it."

North Chesterfield, VA

"You were the such a blessing of empathy and sincerity... What I needed at a very difficult time for our family. Letting go of our little Jezebel after 19 years, was heartbreaking. Thank you for making it peaceful and loving for her."

Glen Allen, VA

"We could not have asked for a better or more peaceful outcome for Bear. Thanks again for your tenderness and thoughtfulness."

Richmond, VA

"Dr. Dexter, I want to thank you for your help with Carley last week. The way you handled Carley helps me to think that even though it was a hard decision, it was probably a good decision, and you were the right people to take care of her."

Richmond, VA

"I would like to thank Dr. Dexter and Jennie, who came to our house to help with our dog, Shelby. It was such a comfort for her and us to be able to do this at home, with her family. I am sure this is such a hard job and maybe you are not told enough what a blessing this service is. Thank you again for letting us honor our dogs life with a peaceful and loving ending."

Richmond, VA

"I just wanted to thank the wonderful women who came to my home to guide my dog, Lexie into the other side. They were flexible on timing, professional, and made what is an undoubtedly difficult moment more manageable. I imagine it is heard to experience that sadness regularly, but what you all do prevents discomfort and makes it a special, beautiful moment for families. Thank you so much."

Richmond, VA

"Just wanted to thank the staff of Capital Home Vet Care for the amazing job and sincere compassion yesterday as we put my best friends baby Otis to rest yesterday. I can't tell you how much it meant to have such wonderful caring people assist us during the hardest time of our lives. You are truly an angel, each of you. Thanks again."

Richmond, VA

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